Complimentary Holiday Parking Available After 3 P.M. in the DDA

In celebration of the holiday season, enforcement of the metered parking and 2-hour customer parking areas will be suspended after 3 p.m. throughout Downtown Marquette. This complimentary holiday parking will be available during the week (Monday through Friday), beginning Thursday, Nov. 26 and ending Sunday, Dec. 27.

After 3 p.m., visitors to Downtown Marquette may park without restriction in any of the public parking spaces within the district, except those reserved for handicapped, 24-hour reserved spaces or loading zones. This includes North Third Street, the lower and upper level of the Bluff Street Parking Ramp, Commons Lot, Main Street Lots, Lakeshore Boulevard Lot, Rock Street Lot, East Baraga Avenue Lot, and the Spring Street Lot. Overnight parking restrictions will still be enforced. The courtesy parking is offered compliments of the Marquette City Police Department and The Marquette Downtown Development Authority.

Applications Available Online For Animal Licensing, Off-Leash Park

City residents looking to license their dog or cat can now find the applications available online at the City’s website, along with instructions for completing the form correctly. Once completed, the application can be returned to the City Clerk’s office either by email, or via postal mail or overnight drop box. Once received and processed, licensing documents will be mailed to applicants.

Similarly, citizens are now able to submit an application for an off-leash park pass in the same manner. The City’s off-leash area is located in Tourist Park, and is open to those with a pass from Nov. 1 through April 30. In order to receive a pass to the off-leash area, dogs must be licensed in Marquette County.

Both applications can be found online at

December 1st Planning Commission Meeting Participation

The December 1st Planning Commission meeting will be held virtually with Commission members and Staff attending remotely through Zoom video conferencing. This meeting will be streamed on the City of Marquette YouTube channel. ( Please note that the YouTube livestream will have at least a 20 second delay, and that anyone that wishes to participate in the meeting via Zoom (directions are provided below) will need to open the livestream to follow along while they wait to enter the meeting.

Public Participation

There will be three options for public participation in this meeting: video conferencing, phone conferencing, or written comment. There will be three public comment periods for the meeting, one at the beginning, one during the public hearing request, and one at the end. Comments will be limited to three minutes and speakers must give their name and address.
Public wishing to make a video comment must please visit:

In order to follow along with the meeting while waiting to comment, please also in another window open the YouTube livestream on the City’s website:

Members of the public wishing to call in and make a comment over the phone will need to call 312-626-6799 and enter the meeting ID (815 8462 5646).

The video and phone conference lobby will open at 5:50 p.m. on December 1st, 2020. When participating via video or phone conferencing, you will enter a virtual lobby/on-hold until the Public Comment portions of the meetings are reached. Once Public Comment begins, the Chair will go through each person waiting in the lobby one at a time and provide them with the opportunity to address the Commission. It is recommended that participants follow the meeting on YouTube to know when the Public Comment portion is occurring and be ready to make their comment.

Written comments can be submitted by emailing Written submissions will be accepted until 3 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.


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