COVID 19/Coronavirus

Information regarding the current status of the City of Marquette and the COVID 19 pandemic.

Homebound individuals

For information on meal, grocery and pharmacy delivery services please follow the following instructions depending on your age:

If you are 60 years or older, please contact the City of Marquette Senior Center at 906-228-0456

If you are younger than 60 years, please call 211 for the most up-to-date information.

Potential Disruption in Homemaking Services

Our staff is actively practicing precautionary measures, such as proper cleaning techniques, handwashing and hand sanitizer use and us of personal protective equipment. We have shared with them materials and websites on the latest information, recommendations and updates. The safety of our staff and clients is our top priority. Per guidance from local and state officials, the following measure may be implemented:
• Due to the Public Health Emergency in the state of Michigan from COVID-19 (coronavirus), your in-home worker or social worker will be contacting you prior to each visit to ask you some screening questions.
• These screening questions will be regarding any symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath to screen for COVID-19.
• You will be notified if your Homemaker has had any significant travel within the last 30 days (airplane, cruise, train, etc.) Giving you this information will allow you to make the decision if you still want that homemaker to make the visit.
• You have every right to refuse service without fear of being kicked off the program, losing your regularly scheduled date and time or losing your current homemaker.
• Also, be advised, any reassessments that are due between now and May 8th will be conducted over the phone and not in person.
• In the event your services may need to be interrupted or temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 public Health Emergency, you are asked to have a backup plan in place. We ask that you have conversations now with family, friends and any other trusted parties to help meet your needs in
the events that our agency is temporarily unable to provide service.
• If there is a confirmed case in the Upper Peninsula the Homemaking program will be temporarily suspended.
• We will do our utmost to continue to meet your needs in a safe responsible manner.
In the event of a City-wide shutdown there will be someone to answer the phone. Please call the Marquette Senior Center at (906)-228-0456, between 9-4 Monday through Friday, for any questions or concerns. Please call 911 in the event of an emergency.

City Commission Meetings

Due to Executive Order 2020-21, City Commission meetings will be held virtually with City Commissioners and Staff attending remotely through Zoom video conferencing.

Meetings will be streamed on Channel 191 and on the City of Marquette YouTube channel ( Please note that the YouTube livestream will have at least a 20 second delay.

Public Participation
There will be three options for public participation in these meetings: video conferencing, phone conferencing or written comment. There will be two public comment periods in each meeting, one at the beginning and one at the end. Comments will be limited to three minutes and speakers must give their name and address. Written comments will be limited to 500 words.

When participating via video or phone conferencing, you will be placed into a virtual lobby/on-hold until the Public Comment portions of the meetings are reached. Once Public Comment begins, the Mayor will go through each person waiting in the lobby one at a time and provide them with the opportunity to address the Commission. It is recommended that participants follow the meeting on Channel 191 or YouTube to know when the Public Comment portion is occurring and be ready to make their comment.


Please check the PSA section at the top of this page for the latest participation information

Bill Payment Options

As a reminder there are many ways to pay your city bill. Drop boxes are available at City Hall near the upper level parking lot, inside the lower level of City Hall near the Police Department, and outside the Treasurer’s office on the upper level.

You may also use Pay By Phone 1-855-246-9466 or pay online at, see the instructions below for additional details. The City of Marquette will be waiving processing fees for these methods of payment at least until further notice.

You may sign up for autopay, using this form.

The City of Marquette has voluntarily suspended service disconnections for non-payment until further notice. Late fee penalties will also not be charged until further notice. Customers should pay what they can to avoid building up a large balance that will be harder to pay off in the future. If your account is already behind, you are encouraged to seek utility assistances now.
If you are experiencing financial difficulty and cannot afford to make your payment, we encourage you to call us to set up a payment arrangement.

Remote Payment Directions

Pay By Phone: 855-246-9466

  • Select type of payment from the listed options
  • Utility bills: You will be instructed to enter your account number, followed by the ‘#’ sign. Your account number can be found on the top right hand corner of your bill.
  • Delinquent Personal Property Taxes: You will be asked to enter your Parcel number, followed by the ‘#’ sign. Your Parcel number or Property number can be found on the top left hand corner of your bill.
  • Miscellaneous Receivables: You will be asked to enter your invoice number, followed by the ‘#’ sign. Your invoice number can be found on the bottom left of your invoice. Online Payment:

Utility Bills:

  • Go to
  • Located on the top left side of the BS&A site is a drop down ‘search’ menu: Click ‘Utility Billing’
  • Located next to the search menu is By: Account Number, here you will enter your Utility bill account number, which is located on the top right of your bill.
  • Under the search results: Your account number, Name, and Address will appear as a link: click on it to open
  • Will open to account and billing information
  • Click pay now in the red box on the right side of the screen

Parking Tickets:


Pay By Phone Parking Tickets: 906-292-7794 (processing fees apply)

  • You will be promoted to enter your ticket number, this is found at the top of your ticket and begins with a ‘CM’
  • Pay By Drop Box: 300 W. Baraga Ave
  • A drop box is located on the outside of the east end of the City Hall building, near the parking lot closest to 4th Street. This drop box will be checked daily
  • A drop box is also located inside the main lobby of City Hall. The lobby is located at the main entrance on Baraga Ave.
  • A drop box is also located inside the lower level of City Hall, near the Police Department.
    Please include a portion of the bill with your payment or include your account number written on the memo line of your check. Do not remit cash payments via drop box.