Land Development Code (LDC) Project

Project status: On Dec. 18, 2018 the Planning Commission voted to recommend that the City Commission adopt the Land Development Code, with the condition that some minor changes were made prior to staff placing the request to schedule a public hearing for the LDC adoption on a City Commission's agenda. The City Commission will vote on scheduling a public hearing for the draft LDC on Jan. 14th, 2019. If the hearing is scheduled it is likely to be held on Jan. 28th. An update to the schedule will be posted here after the 01-14-19 meeting.

Project Products

Springboro Technical Analysis
Cover Pages from Land Development Code (20171010)-CITY FIRST DRAFT

Most Recent Version of Draft LDC


Project Introduction and Overview


Dave Stensaas

City Planner


North of 45 LLC


Land Development Code Advisory Committee

Roster, Agenda and Minutes

Planning Commission

Roster, Agenda and Minutes