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Rental Inspections

Rental Fire Safety Code - Ordinance #653 

On August 9th, 2004 the Rental Fire Safety Code Ordinance was adopted by the City of Marquette and updated May 18, 2017. This ordinance is designed to promote the continuing maintenance of quality and safe rental properties, as well as enhance and maintain property values. This code is governed by the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code #101, 2015, as well as the International Property Maintenance Code 2015. The Marquette City Fire Department has three Rental Inspectors on staff that enforce this ordinance.

You may purchase a copy of these codes at: or call 1-800-344-3555 / or call 1-800-344-3555

Fire Inspector Tom Dunleavy, - 906-225-8941
Rental Inspector Brian Anderson, – 906-225-8962
Rental Inspector Ken LaMarre, - 906-225-8958
Rental Inspector Ben Wilder, - 906-225-8969
Administrative Assistant, Teresa Locknane, - 906-225-8596


Commercial Inspection

The Marquette City Fire Department enforces the NFPA Life Safety Code 101, 2015 and references the NFPA standards. The code and standards apply to new construction, remodeling and existing buildings. They provide life safety requirements for the design, operation and maintenance of buildings.
Inspections are made on an annual basis for businesses that require a City license to operate. These include hotels, rooming houses, theaters and second hand dealers. Inspections are also made when a State Liquor License is applied for or modified. Life safety inspections are also conducted upon receipt of a complaint. Plan reviews are made when a permit for new construction or remodeling is applied for and/or there is a change in use of the building.

The Fire Inspector is a member of the Site-Plan Review Committee and approves all architectural plans and drawings.

Inspector Tom Dunleavy may be reached at 906-225-8941 or




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