Garbage Collection, Recycling, Compost Site, Rubbish Site

The City of Marquette provides once per week collection of household refuse and properly prepared recyclables from all residential properties within the city. In addition to garbage pickup, the City of Marquette offers curbside collection of recyclable materials. Prior to collection, recyclable materials must be divided into two separate streams – fiber materials and rigid materials – which will be picked up on alternating weeks at the same time as curbside garbage collection.

The compost and rubbish drop off sites are open every week and are available to City residents.

Sewer Issues

The employees in this division are responsible for the repair, inspection and preventative maintenance of 88.3 miles of sanitary sewer main, 53 miles of storm water main, 34 run-off detention basins and other control structures. In addition to routine and emergency cleaning, this group is responsible for maintaining the quality of streams and natural water courses through the city by repair and control of erosion and sedimentation on public property.

Street Maintenance

This division is responsible for maintaining 18 miles of bike path, 68 miles of sidewalk, 92 miles of street right-of-way and 25 public parking lots. Services include concrete and asphalt patching, sweeping, plowing, ice control, snow removal, right-of-way mowing, pavement marking, and maintenance of thousands of traffic/parking control signs.

The compost and rubbish drop off sites are open every week and are available to City residents.

Water Distribution

Delivering superior quality drinking water and fire fighting supplies through maintenance of a 99-mile distribution network of water mains using 3 storage reservoirs, 3 booster pumping stations, 885 fire hydrants, 25 pressure district control valves and about 5800 metered connections is no trivial task. Our water distribution division is second to none.

Public Works Director

Scott Cambensy

Scott Cambensy

Director of Public Works906-228-0444





1100 Wright St.
Marquette, MI 49855

1100 Wright St. Marquette, MI 49855