Stay Safe in the Water

Marquette residents, and visitors alike, take joy in the many beautiful city beaches this coastal city has along Lake Superior. Although enjoying the beach is generally considered a safe activity, there have recently been a series of unfortunate events, leaving our community wondering if more could be done to help keep beachgoers safe as they enjoy the City’s waterfront. A Waterfront Safety Task Force (WSTF) was established on August 30, 2010 by the Marquette City Commission. The group was charged with in-depth exploration of waterfront safety. The WSTF spend considerable time analyzing data from proficient sources and researching solutions for identified problems. It was clear from the data that a one size fits all approach will not work in our city. The Marquette Fire Department trains lifeguards and manages the Waterfront Safety Program.

Flag Advisory System

Beaches are now unguarded after the completion of the 2022 swimming season. 

Updated beach and flag statuses will resume during the 2023 swimming season.

For 2023, Marquette's lifeguarded beach season starts May 29, 2023 and goes through Labor Day. Flags are advisories only. Persons using beaches must exercise caution, responsibility, and common sense.

One of the first action steps taken to proactively administer the waterfront safety issues was the implementation of the City’s Beach Flag Advisory system. The Marquette Fire Department posts flag advisories at South Beach, McCarty’s Cove, North McCarty’s Cove, Middle Beach at Presque Isle, and Picnic Rocks waterfronts. Colored flags are posted at the waterfront to indicate swimming conditions. The flag statuses are also posted on the City's website throughout the day. Below is a description of the flag advisory system.

McCarty's Cove


N. McCarty's Cove


South Beach


Picnic Rocks


Middle Bay Beach


Clark Lambros'Beach Park


Beaches are open from May 29 to September 4, 2023


Lifeguard Program


Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard Certification and Re-certification courses are now available.  We have the courses starting on May 12, 2023.  

Lifeguards employed by the City must be at least 16 years of age and are required to be both Lifeguard and Waterfront Certified.  

Applications are being accepted for seasonal lifeguard positions for the 2023 beach season. Please complete an online application at: 

Rip Currents

NOAA-NWS Marquette Long Shore and Lake Superior Rip Current Forecast

Michigan BeachGuard System

E. coli and beach opening/closure monitoring for beaches in the City of Marquette.