Stay Safe in the Water

Marquette residents, and visitors alike, take joy in the many beautiful city beaches this coastal city has along Lake Superior. Although enjoying the beach is generally considered a safe activity, there have recently been a series of unfortunate events, leaving our community wondering if more could be done to help keep beachgoers safe as they enjoy the City’s waterfront. A Waterfront Safety Task Force (WSTF) was established on August 30, 2010 by the Marquette City Commission. The group was charged with in-depth exploration of waterfront safety. The WSTF spend considerable time analyzing data from proficient sources and researching solutions for identified problems. It was clear from the data that a one size fits all approach will not work in our city. The Marquette Fire Department trains lifeguards and manages the Waterfront Safety Program.

Flag Advisory System

Beaches are now unguarded after the completion of the 2018 swimming season (Memorial Day to Labor Day). Updated beach and flag statuses will resume during the 2019 swimming season.


E.M.I.L.Y. (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard)

In July 2017 E.M.I.L.Y. was installed at Middle Bay Beach on the northwest side of Presque Isle Park. The EMILY device is now available for use by previously trained Marquette City Employees and the public through assistance provided by Central Dispatch.

Upon witnessing a person in distress, the public will follow the instructions on the EMILY Storage Box by calling 911. Central Dispatch will give the caller the lock code to unlock the EMILY Rescue Device and then walk the rescuer through the deployment of the device. The rescuer will guide the EMILY Rescue Device out to the person in distress via remote control, so they can hold on to the floating EMILY Device until Fire, Police and EMS Crews arrive to rescue the victim.


Lifeguard Program


The Marquette City Fire Department provides a four-day Lifeguard Certification class and a two-day re-certification class once each year, usually in April or May. The class is both the lifeguarding and the waterfront skills course.

Mandatory participation and attendance at all classes is required for successful completion of course. The initial requirements of this course include four pre-tests which will be given the first morning of class. You must be able to complete all four pre-tests before continuing. The first pre-test is a continuous, 550 yard swim made up of front crawl and breaststroke. The second pre-test is treading water for 2 minutes only using the legs. The third pre-test is swimming 20 yards, diving to a depth of 9-10 feet, retrieving a 10 pound brick, swimming back to the starting point, and climbing out within 1:40 minutes. The final pre-test is swimming 5 yards, submerging and retrieving three dive rings placed 5 yards apart, resurface and swim 5 yards to the end of the pool.

Upon completion of this course, you will be recertified as an American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard. This certification carries with it CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED, and First Aid certifications. If there are any questions or concerns regarding this course, please let me know. I look forward to working with you all.

For additional information please contact Lt. Greg Guertin at or (906) 225-8936

To register contact Tina Tregembo at or 906-228-0480

Student Manual (free)

Student Manual (paid)

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Rip Currents

NOAA-NWS Marquette Long Shore and Lake Superior Rip Current Forecast

Michigan BeachGuard System

E. coli and beach opening/closure monitoring for beaches in the City of Marquette.