The City of Marquette's cemetery is operated under the Public Works Department. The 113–acre Park Cemetery was established at its present location on Seventh Street in 1858. The cemetery provides perpetual care on a year-round basis. Many of Marquette’s founding families and early pioneers are buried here.


The City’s urban forest consists of over 5,500 street trees and tens of thousands of trees in public parks. In addition to planting trees on public properties, the division is responsible for the removal of dead and diseased trees, pruning of some 500 trees each year and the enforcement of the city’s tree ordinance. Marquette’s efforts in this area have earned it the National Arbor Day Association’s designation as a “Tree City USA” every year since 1981.

Motor Pool

Motor Pool is responsible for the specifying, purchase, maintenance and repair of approximately 217 pieces of medium to large equipment including plows, front end loaders, excavators, sweepers, dump trucks and autos and approximately 156 pieces of small equipment, attachments and accessories required by City departments. Motor Pool operations for the repair, including pumps, generators, welders, chainsaws, mowers, weed whips, air compressors, maintenance and storage of the City's fleet occupy approximately 55,500 square feet or roughly 75% of the available building space in the Municipal Service Center. The Motor Pool operates on a operations + maintenance budget of roughly $2.5 million annual. The Motor Pool also operates a fuel depot for the City's fleet, Marquette Housing Authority, Marquette Area Public Schools and a number of County owned vehicles. The City fleet consumes approximately 125,000 gallons of fuel per year and approximately $700,000.00 is spent on repair and maintenance each year.

Facilities and Maintenance Director

Eric Stemen

Eric Stemen

Director of Facilities and Maintenance906-228-0444



906-228-0444               publicworks@marquettemi.gov


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