Recycling Collection

All residents paying the solid waste fee are now able to participate in the City of Marquette's recycling collection program through the new carts that have been delivered. These new recycling carts will make it easier for you to recycle more. They roll easily to the curb, they provide more capacity for recyclables, and they reduce litter by protecting your materials from elements. The more we recycle these valuable materials, instead of putting them in the trash and sending them to a landfill, the more money we save on trash-disposal fees, and the more feedstock we provide to manufacturers to use in the creation of the products and packaging that we buy and use every day. Everyone wins when recycling with carts.

Residents received a recycling cart thanks in part to an important relationship between the City of Marquette and The Recycling Partnership, a nonprofit organization utilizing public-private partnerships to transform recycling all across America. Our community was selected to receive grant support because of our longstanding dedication to advancing recycling in the community.

Why Switch to Single Stream Recycling?

Cost Savings- Budgets benefit from decreased disposal costs, smaller collection crews, more efficiency on the route, and decresed workers' compensation. 

More Convenience- Residents can more easily fit all of their recyclables into one container, then simply roll those items to the curb.

Increased Recovery- Programs using carts, common suite of materials, strong outreach and other BMPs can recover 400-450 lbs/ hh/ yr. 


Your recycling will be collected on the same night as your garbage every week. It should be placed out before 10 pm on your scheduled collection night.

Carts should be placed at least three (3) feet apart from each other or other objects and within three (3) feet of the roadway. Do not place it behind or too close to trees, mailboxes, lamp posts, snowdrifts, or parked cars. Do not place cart on top of another object, including snowdrifts. Do not tie or chain your cart to any object. This ensures truck is able to successfully collect materials.

You have many choices as to where you wish to store your cart- behind or beside your home, on or under a back porch, inside or along side your garage. Do not store them on the sidewalk or in front of your home or at the curb.

Every eligible resident is required to accept a new blue recycling cart.  The blue recycling cart is the only authorized container for curbside recycling.  Households with missing or intentionally damaged carts may be assessed the cost for replacement.

All yellow-lidded carts will be collected and accounted for.  All residents need to put their yellow-lidded carts on the curb for collection.  Keep it out at the curb until collected.  Collection should be complete this week but could continue into next week, if necessary

No, all yellow-lidded recycling carts must be placed on the curb for collection.

If you have a bin (short, open-top receptacle for recycling) that was distributed by the City in years past, you are welcome to keep it for other household uses.

If you have your own purchased bin and no longer want it, it can be recycled if it has the recycling code stamped on it. 

Recycling symbol: recycling symbol

Due to the cold and shipment process for the carts, some carts and lids may appear warped or misshapen when they first arrive at your curb. Place cart in your garage or out of elements for at least 1 week for the cart/lid to relax. If it still appears warped or misshaped, contact The City of Marquette at 906-228-0444.
Each cart will be assigned to an address using a serial number and RFID tag. If a cart is found, it can be tracked and returned to the address and should be left at the residency in the event of moving. If your cart has been damaged or stolen, or is lost, please contact The City of Marquette to discuss replacement options at 906-228-0444.

We are currently focusing on completing the rollout of the new carts and collecting old carts. If you would like a second blue cart or a 96-gallon blue cart, please email or call Public Works at to be put on a list for later review. We appreciate your patience as we work through the cart rollout.

The solid waste fee was set to be increased (by contract) in FY 23. Due to the timing of the recycling cart grant and the scheduled waste management contract increase, the solid waste fee will remain at the FY 22 rates and customers will not see an increase. 

For example, current Package A (1 garbage cart) users will have a solid waste fee of $24.65 and green bag users will see a solid waste fee of $18.95 (current rates).

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