Recently Adopted Ordinances, Zoning Chapters and Public Housing Franchises/Bonds/Tax Exemptions

The following ordinances have been adopted by the Marquette City Commission but have not yet been included in the official copy of the Marquette City Code.

At present, any action to amend the City's Zoning Ordinance is immediately incorporated into the City's Zoning Ordinance documents (listed at left). As such, those items are not included in the list below.

An ordinance to amend the Rental Fire Safety Code - Ordinance 653

An ordinance to amend definitions in Chapter 12, Businesses - Ordinance 655

An ordinance to adopt a new section on open burning - Ordinance 656

An ordinance to amend the definitions of "homestay" and "vacation home rental" - Ordinance 660.

An ordinance to amend the water utility rates - Ordinance 661.

An ordinance to amend the wastewater utility rates - Ordinance 662.

These chapters are on file in the City Clerk's Office:

Ch. 100 Electric Utility
Ch. 101 Automobile Parking System
Ch. 150 Bus Franchise
Ch. 151 Gas Franchise
Ch. 152 Cable Franchise
Ch. 153 Electric Franchise
Ch. 154 Tax Abatement Method for State of Federally Subsidized Low & Moderated Income Housing in City of Marquette
Ch. 155 City Tax Exemption for SUNDARA, Nonprofit Housing Corporation
Ch. 160 Regulations & Procedures for Basic Cable Television Rates & Regulations
Ch. 605 WS Refunding Bond
Ch. 625 PILT - Grandview 600 Altamont

The below chapters in Title XII were saved from repeal and shall continue in effect until replaced by a later ordinance and code supplement (this is a project currently underway through the City Planning and Zoning Department and the City Planning Commission).

City Code

The Marquette City Code is hosted on an external website (Municode) in order to provide a more efficient viewing experience. Ordinances awaiting codification will be listed below.