Public Art Commission

The Marquette City Commission adopted a Public Art Policy on Oct. 1, 2017, that established a Public Art Commission and made funding available to support the inclusion of works of art in public spaces in the City. The City recognizes that the inclusion of art in appropriate capital improvement projects in the City will promote its cultural heritage and artistic development, enhance the City’s character and identity, contribute to economic development and tourism, add warmth, dignity, beauty and accessibility to spaces accessible to the public, and expand the experience and participation of citizens with the arts.

The seven-member volunteer oversight body will be responsible for developing guidelines and administering the new Policy.

Public Art Policy

The Public Art Policy adopted by the City Commission, effective Oct. 1 2017.



Current Listing of Public Art Commission Members


Agendas and Minutes

Minutes and agendas are available on NovusAgenda. To show only the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee agendas and minutes, select "Meeting Type", then "Arts and Culture" and click "Search".