Mission Statement

It is Marquette Fire Department's honor to safeguard the lives of the City's inhabitants and visitors. We are an All-Risk lifesaving service wholly dedicated to managing and mitigating life, property, and environmental threats. We work to achieve these ends by:

• Providing advanced life support medical services to the community
• Providing all-incident rescue and support
• Combating fires
• Developing and delivering effective fire education programs for all age groups
• Pursuing vigorous enforcement of the building and life safety codes
• Contributing to the mitigation and restoration of environmental events
• Engaging in cheerful public service throughout the community
• Managing the waterfront safety program




The Marquette City Fire Department, while steeped in tradition, has made great strides to become a progressive and modern life saving organization. The community experiences fewer fire incidents than the State average due to comprehensive Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, and education programs.

The Fire Department serves the community through two locations. The main office is housed in Station #1 at 418 South Third Street and Station # 2 is located in the historic fire house at 723 North Front Street. Marquette fire personnel respond to many different types of emergencies and are trained in many different fields of rescue: High Angle Rescue (cliff rescue), Auto Extrication, Hazardous Materials, Confined Space Rescue, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Services, Ice & Water Rescue and Terrorist Threat Responses. Marquette Fire has mutual aid agreements with the surrounding townships and participates in many community education and safety programs.

In addition to fire prevention, firefighting and emergency rescue, the Marquette City Fire Department also administers the City’s Code Enforcement Program and is responsible for enforcing the City’s Rental Code Ordinance, and the entire Waterfront Safety Program.

In 2012, the City's lifeguards made the transition to operating under the Fire Department. The City's lifeguards are trained by Fire Department personnel following American Red Cross Standards in Waterfront Lifeguarding. Such training includes CPR and AED for the Professional Rescuer.


Stations and Apparatuses

Fire Training

ll current department members are trained to these qualifications.

• State of Michigan Firefighter I and II

• State of Michigan EMT Technician - Paramedic

• DOT - Hazardous Materials Operations Level

The Marquette City Fire Department also trains and certifies in several other specialized operations:

• High Angle/Cliff Rescue

• Near-Shore Water Rescue

• Ice Rescue

• Confined Space

• Vehicle Extrication

• Hazmat

• Paramedic Instructor/Coordinator

In addition, the majority of our personnel are Certified Instructors for the State of Michigan Firefighter I and II curriculums. Three of our personnel are State of Michigan Certified Fire Investigators.



Public Protection Class

The City of Marquette Public Protection Classification Number is #4.

ISO is a 3rd party organization that rates fire departments for the purpose of setting insurance rate schedules in communities throughout North America.
ISO collects information on municipal fire-protection efforts throughout the United States. In each of those communities, ISO analyzes the relevant data using their Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). They then assign a Public Protection Classification from 1 to 10; the higher the number the lesser the ability to provide fire protection.

Demonstrated Elements a Fire Department must have to receive a Class 4 ISO rating:

• Fire Department must have a pumping capacity to suppress a fire in any building in the community.
• Fire Department must have a 24 hour central dispatch for contacting all firefighters on duty via pagers
• Annual tests must be conducted on pumper trucks, hoses, and hydrants
• A minimum number of firefighters must be available to respond to alarms.
• Firefighter training must significantly exceed minimum standards.
• The department and community must have a definitive, reliable, and pressurized water supply
• The fire department must perform annual fire code building inspections.