Economic Development

As a component of the required best practices for state certification as a Redevelopment Ready
Community, and as directed by Section 13-6 of the Marquette City Charter adopted in 2012, the
economic development action plan includes a brief description of the City’s history, demographic
information, regional context, relationship to other City plans and priority economic development related
goals and strategies for achieving them. The City of Marquette’s status as a regional hub for healthcare,
business, recreation and academics allows for multiple opportunities to encourage and support
sustainable economic development.

Also of note, the Public Participation Plan Plan is an essential tool for outlining how elected officials, appointed officials and boards and commissions engage the public throughout the planning and development process. The Plan also acts as a tool for accountability and transparency requiring a municipality to seek public input as well as report the results to the people.

Economic Development Plan

Adopted by the City Commission on September 9, 2019.

Public Participation Plan

Adopted by the City Commission on September 9, 2019.

Redevelopment Ready Communities

To be vibrant and competitive, Michigan communities must be ready for development. This involves planning for new investment and reinvestment, identifying assets and opportunities, and focusing limited resources. Certified Redevelopment Ready Communities® attract and retain businesses, offer superior customer service and have a streamlined development approval process making pertinent information available around-the clock for anyone to view.


The City of Marquette is currently seeking this certification and the above plans are a component of this. To learn more, please visit the MEDC website.