City of Marquette Operating Millage

5/9/22 City Commission Special Meeting

This special meeting of the City Commission was held on May 9 to hear a presentation from City Staff regarding the budget and need to raise the operating millage.


What is a Mill?

A mill is a way to determine property taxes. One mill is valued at $1.00 per each $1,000.00 in Taxable Value. For example, if your property has a taxable value of $80,000, one mill is worth $80 ($80,000*1/1000=$80).


What are the taxing entities in the City of Marquette?

Your tax bill will give you a more detailed breakdown but in addition to the City, County, State, and Peter White Public Library millages, there is also a Senior millage and the Iron Ore Heritage Authority.


What is the current City operating millage rate in Marquette?

The City is currently levying 14.9225 mills. Going back to our example, the $80,000 taxable value house is paying $1,193.80 in City taxes each year.


What do I currently pay in City taxes?

Option A: Look at your mailed summer tax bill for a breakdown of property taxes

Option B: Go to and look up your property tax history (account registration required.

Option C: Do you know your taxable value? Use this equation to calculate your City tac.
$Taxable Value*14.9225/1000

Option D: Contact the City Finance Department for assistance at 906-228-0415.


That’s less than my current tax bill, where is the remainder coming from?

The remainder is from the other taxing entities in Marquette mentioned above. If this is your principal residence (your primary home), you pay an additional 19.75 mills, for a total of 34.6007 mills. If it is not your principle residence, you also have to pay the additional 18 mill school operating millage, for a total of 52.6007 mills.


What is the proposed increase?

The City of Marquette is looking to raise an additional 2.6731 mills. This brings up the City operating millage to 17.5956 mills. For our example home with a taxable value of $80,000, 2.6731 mills is equal to an additional $213.85 per year or which is a total of $1,407.65 for 17.5956 mills.


When would this take effect?

The increase would take effect July 1, 2022 and would be incorporated into your summer tax bill. Winter tax bills will not be affected.


When was the last time the operating millage was increased in Marquette?

The operating millage has not been increased in 16 years. The millage was last increased in 2006 when it went from 14.7 mills to 15.2 mills. It was then increased to 15.3 mills before being lowered to 14.9 mills in 2010 where it has remained since.


What will the increased revenue do for the City and what does this mean for my property?

This increase means the City will be able to have a balanced budget and can continue to provide the current quality level of services that City residents expect. The increase will raise an additional $1.5 million revenue for operations.


What if I have an escrow for property taxes?

Sometimes mortgage holders overcorrect with escrow withholdings. Please contact your mortgage company to adjust the escrow to the correct amount.


Where can I see the tax rates for the rest of Marquette County?