American Fidelity and Texas Life Payroll Deductions

Employees with American Fidelity and Texas Life policies and/or unreimbursed medical or dependent day care plans paid for by payroll deduction, the new amounts for the new plan year will be reflected on your 7/10/20 pay stubs. We have made a minor modification in how these are deducted. Because all of the enrollment forms and amounts are based on 26 payrolls per year, we will now make the deduction on all payrolls, including the third payroll of the month the two times a year when that occurs, as we have 26 biweekly payrolls in a year. Historically we have only deducted these on the first and second payrolls each month, so the deductions were based on 1/24th of the annualized amounts rather than 1/26th, which has caused some confusion. The end result is that the payroll deductions should now match the amounts on your enrollment forms. What this means is that if you have a policy that had no changes in premium or an unreimbursed medical or dependent daycare agreement for the same total amount as last year, your deduction on each pay period will be slightly less than last plan year (July-June). All of your deduction amounts can be viewed on your check stubs on the employee portal once the 7/10 payroll as been completed. Should you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Tim Raich in payroll at 906-225-8586 or


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